Based in Amsterdam.

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MUSIC productions



Music and floor installation for R_ESISTERE. A dance piece by Giulio D'Anna.

Together with: Giulio D'AnnaTom NestelaarJasper Van Roden, Lana Čoporda, Miryam Mariblanca, Ana Ladas, Fabian Holle, John Taylor
Agnese Rosati 


Music composition & production. A theater piece by Mtg de Koude Kermis.

Together with: Tom Nestelaar, Anne van Dorp, Paméla Menzo, Carola Bärtschiger, Bas Jilesen, Stephan van HesterenHenk LangeveldRogier WillemsMirjam Koen en Lizzy TimmersAnn-Nicole Tazelaar

Theater and dance pieces I worked for:

DATA - Giulio D'Anna / R_ESTERE - Giulio D'Anna  /  Ooooooo - Giulio D'Anna  /  Parkin'Son - Giulio D'Anna  /  Omstanders - Mtg de Koude Kermis  / Legend of the Larps part 1 - ROBIN ism Beumer & Drost / Het Perron - Carver, Leny Brederveld & Dochters/  Living in Oblivion - Laurens Krispijn de Boer  /  Bruurs - René van Bakel & Martijn Crins  / Tuinen van de Herinnering - BEERRené Groothof  / Kom Even Zitten - Mtg Botleg  /  Playground - Melih Gencboyaci  /  De Filantroop - Genio de Groot  /  Ontbijtconcerten - Taartrovers  /  No Quit Find - Anouke de Groot & Giulio D'Anna / Unpolitly-Close - Anouke de Groot & Giulio D'Anna / Solo - Lisa Groothof


Workshops for children


I create special workshops for children of all ages and for all occasions. For further details about this: email me @ info@mb-music.nl


Written en performed music:

BOKSLAG together with Tom Nestelaar & Jochem van Tol


Over the years, Maarten has been working with many great venues.
He is a singer songwriter at heart, comfortable with working on assignment.
He feels at home in the studio but he is also social and openminded,

working in group collaborations. He has a wide knowledge about the professional work that needs to be done to create the best sounding events and has gathered a great network of people with specialised skills.



2009 / 2015 - Freelance - Musician & Producer

2013 / 2015 - Sound Technician - René Groothof / Mediamatic & more 

2009 / 2015 - After School Music Eduction

2008 / 2011 - Music Programmer- debalie / Clubinterbellum & more

2008 - Bachelor of Music Composition, Production & Performance - HKU